Growing up in the inner city I had an attraction to the art of spray paint very young.  Still today, the challenges of painting still excite me.  A majority of the art I do is either done in spray paint, cut stencils, wax pencil, and random paints I find.

There is a legal fine line when people think of street art. The legal distinction between permanent graffiti and art is permission, but the topic becomes even more complex regarding impermanent, nondestructive forms of graffiti (yarn bombing, video projection, and street installation).

I like to explore. So nowadays my art is a mix of Graffiti culture, the elements of my upbringing, and my personal experiences from the world around me.

So the question I get asked all the time,
“Do You condone Such acts of Vandalism?”
“You should probably not do it,
however it did get me to where I am today.”