Native American (Colville) Non-Starving Street Artist LewisOne began his painting career at 11 years old by sneaking his art onto the canals, highways, and buildings of his Los Angeles community with cans of Krylon bought by his friends dad.

“I’ve painted and drawn ever since I can remember, It gives me such peace and joy to be in my own world recording on paper my surroundings. Reconnecting with my Native American heritage has become a calling that fuels my imagination and allows me to learn about my past and have a better view of my future. I am positively challenge to create new projects and open doors to new opportunities to find beauty in the world around me.”

“Growing up as a graffiti artist, I only painted pictures, never got big into strictly tagging. So even when I was caught painting the back of someone’s building: I was always given opportunities and encouraged to continue my artistic skills.” “One day I was painting on the basement walls of a demolished house, when a huge man came at me with a big stick in his hand, fire in his eyes, and a steady growl of profane messages in his voice. When he saw my painting, he dropped his stick, smiled, and his attitude totally changed. He not only allowed me to paint on his property anytime I wanted, but commissioned me to paint a downtown business he owned.”

Since then he has dedicated his life to being creative and making the world a better place through his projects.

Find out about My philosophy on my mediums here.

“Growing up with an artist as a grandmother who would marvel me with stories of our native Ancestors, I love telling stories.  So in each series of paintings that is what I do, Each painting has a story: maybe good, maybe not so good.”