April and Oliver


He does not want to play house — he wants to ROUGH house.Animal Adventure Park

“…That is natural behavior as males take no part in rearing their young, nor have a need for a female once she is pregnant. Sad but true.” said the Zoo.

Millions of people have been watching the stream in anticipation of the birth of “April” the giraffe’s fourth calf.  April likes them young, and Oliver does not disappoint being a much younger giraffe.  Our “Cougar” April is 15 years old while Oliver is only 5!!

Her story was vaulted into global headlines after activists complaining of “nudity” got the livestream yanked from YouTube but The livestream was back online about an hour and a half later when it all got sorted out.

Fun fact is that Giraffes are pregnant for about two years, as of today I believe April is two months past due.  Whew.

Note:  50% of sales of this artwork will go to the Animal Adventure Park.

I am donating 100% of sales on the BIG DAY…

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