Flower of Warpaint


We always had plenty-our children never cried with hunger, nor our people were never in want. Here our village had stood for more than a hundred years, during all which time we were the undisputed possessors of the valley of the Mississippi, from the Ouisconsin to the Portage des Sioux, near the mouth of the Missouri, being about seven hundred miles in length.Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak'


The disruption of life for Natives was a big turning point in culture for them.

The series of conflicts in the western United States between Native Americans, American settlers, and the United States Army are generally known as the Indian Wars. Many of the most well-known of these conflicts occurred during and after the Civil War until the closing of the frontier in about 1890.  Native life after these events become docile and passive with feelings of helplessness and lacking hope.


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