Red Spotted Sea Turtle Study


I have been the last to sign this treaty- I will be the last to break it.Little Turtle

Native American Totems often had turtles represented in them.  Turtles symbolized our peaceful waking on the earth on our journey in life as we always make wise and thoughtful decisions.

In 1795 Little Turtle signed the Treaty of Fort Greenville, ceding Indian lands in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan by a confederacy of Indians known as the Northwest Indian Confederation.  This was a difficult decision for the chief as he was the last of the Native Chiefs to do so.  He advised his people to abstain from alcohol and other mind altering substances because those things cause his people to be tricked by the white man.  He hated seeing his people (and others) being enslaved, even to the point of capturing black slaves to bring them back to his village as family to their freedom.



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