The Watcher for Good under a Purple Moon


For there was never a question as to the supremacy of an evil power over and above the power of Good. There was but one ruling power, and that was Good.Chief Luther Standing Bear

The Indian loved to worship. From birth to death, he revered his surroundings. He considered himself born in the luxurious lap of Mother Earth, and no place was to him humble. There was nothing between him and the Big Holy (Wakan Tanka). The contact was immediate and personal, and the blessings of Wakan Tanka flowed over the Indian like rain showered from the sky. Wakan Tanka was not aloof, apart, and ever seeking to quell evil forces. He did not punish the animals and the birds, and likewise, he did not punish man. He was not a punishing god.

In that every person, after checking their ego, is on a quest for what is good and bad.  Lets always find good and not seek bad.


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