Victory over jealousy can lead to the demise over hate


Jealousy can be deadly as we saw with Cane and Able of the Bible. Today we have participation ribbons for athletes and in the same way during Native American Sporting Events, everyone is equal at the end.  Win or Lose, we all make it home at the end of the day.

The feathers on the end of an Indian Spear have very important meanings. Birds play a wide variety of roles in Native American mythology. Frequently they serve as messengers from the Creator, or between humans and the spirit world. Eagle plays a leadership role in the mythology of many tribes, while Raven is frequently portrayed as culture hero, trickster, or both. Other Native American birds play the parts of heroes, villains, wise advisors, flighty suitors, jealous competitors, and everything in between. These serve as reminders to always check your ego so it does not make bad choices in life.


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