Yield or RUN



I was a pretty big fan of the Jurassic Park Movies.  This Tyrannosaurus is painted on a Yield sign, an oxymoron of what a real Dinosaur would have done.

Tyrannosaurus means “tyrant lizard”.  A fitting name for one of the largest land carnivores of all time.  For it’s size it was a great hunter.  A study conducted by Lawrence Witmer and Ryan Ridgely of Ohio University found that Tyrannosaurus shared the heightened sensory abilities of other coelurosaurs, highlighting relatively rapid and coordinated eye and head movements, as well as an enhanced ability to sense low frequency sounds that would allow tyrannosaurs to track prey movements from long distances and an enhanced sense of smell. A study published by Kent Stevens of the University of Oregon concluded that Tyrannosaurus had keen vision.


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